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Four Downloads: Basic, Taoist, Chair, and Back Pain Yoga Practices

Four Downloads: Basic, Taoist, Chair, and Back Pain Yoga Practices

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Basic Yoga Practice: This Basic Yoga Practice is specifically intended to engage the body's natural relaxation response, the parasympathetic nervous system. It includes a three and a half minute introduction followed by a little more than an hour-long practice of flowing yoga postures and routine short guided meditation with focused breathing.

Taoist Yoga Practice: Tao signifies "the flow of the universe." Taoist philosophy emphasizes naturalness, flexibility, receptiveness, and spontaneity as ways of being. This Taoist Yoga Practice seeks to nurture those attributes and provide a personal "path of least resistance" by balancing the Yang (assertive) and Yin (receptive) aspects of our universal life force energy - Chi. It includes a three and a half minute introduction followed by over an hour of dynamic Yang movement that incorporates traditional yoga asanas with aspects of Tai Chi and Qigong and ends with Yin yoga poses. The film concludes with a 9-minute Yoga Nidra session called "Stopping the War Within."

Chair Yoga Practice: This 50-minute Chair Yoga Practice is for people with limited mobility or physical issues that keep them from engaging in strenuous movement. You will do most of the practice seated, although there are a few simple standing sequences. Even if you don't have physical issues limiting your movement, you will still find this beneficial as an embodied mindfulness practice that cultivates presence, conscious breathing, flexibility, and overall wellness.

Yoga for Back Pain: This 55-minute yoga practice has proven to be effective in helping to relieve common chronic discomfort associated with Back Pain and Symptoms of Sciatica. Most of the practice is done either lying down or seated, although there are about 10 minutes of standing sequences. The session ends with a 5-minute alternate nostril breathing and guided meditation practice intended to balance the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of being.