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Most incarcerated people suffer chronic trauma early in life.

Chronic interpersonal trauma including abandonment, hunger, homelessness, racism, domestic violence, sexual abuse, bullying, discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse, and witnessing violent crime. These emotional experiences profoundly stress the nervous system and without support, they don't grow out of it, they grow into it.

Punitive incarceration provides little opportunity for individuals to heal from their developmental trauma.

As a result, the recidivism rates remain high, as unresolved trauma can lead to a constant sense of insecurity and social isolation even after a person is released from prison or jail.

Why this work matters.

Rehabilitative programs are essential to reduce the impact of unresolved trauma, promote recovery, and support the mental health of system-impacted people.

Call to Action.

If you are called to this work or to support our work, there are many ways to get involved! We offer online trainings to become a PYP facilitator, you can donate to our mission, and you can share about us to your friends and family. You can also donate to our book program so that we may continue to send free yoga books to folks inside prisons and jails.