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Freedom from the Inside: a Woman's Yoga Practice Guide (PDF)

Freedom from the Inside: a Woman's Yoga Practice Guide (PDF)

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This unique book focuses on beneficial practices for any woman who wishes to deepen their understanding of yoga and mindfulness, and their possible benefits for mental and physical health.

Although written from the perspective and experience of working with incarcerated women, it offers a very practical introduction and understanding of yoga for any woman. The book includes quotes and artwork from incarcerated women involved in the Prison Yoga Project's international programs.

"This vital book provides a road map to lead women in prison into their deeper selves via yoga and meditation practices.  It's engaging, focused, clear and practical. Upon finishing, I thought you had developed a field guide for any yoga teacher training! I know so many women will be deeply grateful to receive this important book."

- Rob Schware, Co-Founder and Director, Give Back Yoga Foundation

"We feel proud, honored and hopeful to be involved in this important project, and we are grateful to be able to contribute our favorite practices to this book and share positive awareness with women everywhere. This yoga program has helped us to feel so much better inside prison, a highly stressful environment where many of us come from backgrounds of trauma and mental health difficulties. We wish blessings for all of you on the outside, and that you find your path to freedom within you"  Women Program Participants, Hinseberg Prison (Sweden)

*To send a book to a specific incarcerated person, click here.