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PYP Foundational Training - Portugal

PYP Foundational Training - Portugal

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This training provides an understanding of the general health impacts of interpersonal and systemic trauma and offers an evidence-based rationale for employing body-based
mindfulness practices, such as yoga, for healing trauma. It consists of 4 to 6 hours of self-paced preparatory online learning and 14 hours in-person, for a total of 20 hours of

This training is for anyone who benefits from:

  • Awareness of the prevalence, mechanisms, and impacts of trauma, especially for people of marginalized communities.
  • Understanding how developmental trauma can lead to additional traumas and become a significant factor that leads to criminal behavior, addiction, and mental health issues.
  • Learning how specific yoga and other embodied mindfulness practices can be effective for healing trauma and playing a role in transforming justice.
This training is not just for yoga professionals. Is for:
  • Anyone with social justice concerns who practices yoga.
  • Those who work directly in the criminal justice system or with a community organization involved in it.
  • Attorneys, therapists, social workers, addiction counselors, teachers, and others whose work is within or intersects the criminal justice system
  • Formerly incarcerated individuals and their friends and family
  • People interested in bringing a more effective and humane approach to dealing with crime, addiction, and mental health in our communities

The training also offers access to practice videos of our approach to trauma-informed yoga. You will receive a PDF copy of our book Yoga: A Path to Healing and Recovery written by James Fox, the same book we distribute for free to incarcerated people in the United States, Mexico, and England.

If you want to enroll in the English version of the Foundational Training, please email