We need your help! Like all people and organizations in the "service" industry, we are and will be experiencing a "cash flow" problem as we have suspended programs and postponed training. Meanwhile, our mission to bring yoga to the millions of prisoners across the US and around the world persists. The best way you can support Prison Yoga Project to continue our mission is to donate (link in the menu below) or to purchase a PDF copy of James' book or a download of one of our practice videos. Click this banner to go to the downloads page.) Thank you!

Yoga: A Path for Healing and Recovery (Download - Institutional Usage)

Yoga: A Path for Healing and Recovery (Download - Institutional Usage)

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Join Prison Yoga Project founder and director, James Fox, in his class in San Quentin Prison!

This video of a Prison Yoga Project class at San Quentin Prison was filmed by a crew of prisoners trained in videography and contains a one-hour asana practice and seven-minute introduction to yoga. The video is intended to be a companion to the book Yoga: A Path for Healing and Recovery.

The asana practice in this video is introductory, focusing on the fundamentals of hatha yoga: mindful awareness, conscious breathing, and meditative flows. The primary objective of this particular sequence is simple: to calm the mind and relieve the body of stress under chaotic and trauma-inducing living conditions. Although designed for use in prison, it is suitable as an introduction to yoga for anyone.